Supersmile Featured in Around 505 Magazine | Supersmile

Supersmile Featured in Around 505 Magazine

Supersmile Featured in Around 505 Magazine

Travel With Your Teeth in 1st-Class

A little mint confections may work in a pinch, but if you’re super concerned about clean white teeth and beautiful breath on the road, Supersmile’s got your travel gear.

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Irwin Smigel has packed all of his products in miniature containters and wrapped them in a pocket-sized Supersmile Travel Pack for $22.50.

For brushing, place a pearl-sized drop of both the toothpaste and whitening accelerator on the included toothbrush.

Quikee is a stain removing polish that users rub on their teeth with their tongues. Its primary ingredient reportedly removes a thin layer of protein that forms on the tooth surface that attracts plaque, bacteria and stains, all without rinsing.

Got water? Pour just enough into the powdered mouth rinse packet, swirl and swish. There’s also whitening gum.

In all, abut a workweek’s work of first-class dental care for some $4.50 per day.