Supersmile Quikee (.17oz)

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  • Professional on-the-go whitening.
  • Removes stains and freshens breath when you don't have time to brush.



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Our on-the-go instant stain removing formula with Calprox ® guarantees whiter teeth and fresher breath without brushing or rinsing.

  • Removes: Heavy coffee, tobacco, and red wine stains.
  • Advanced Whitening: Calprox® & Urea Hydrogen Peroxide combine to whiten teeth and promote long-lasting fresh breath.
  • Strengthens: The combination of Calcium and Phosphates re-mineralizes tooth enamel.
  • On-the-go: Conveniently packaged for whitening and freshening when you don’t have time to brush. Quick dissolve formula means no need to rinse.
  • FLAVOR – Icy Mint NET WEIGHT - .17 OZ (30 uses when used as directed)

Our Quikee with Calprox® works by gently dissolving the protein pellicle - a thin layer of protein that forms on the tooth surface, and to which plaque, bacteria, and of course, stains adhere. Removing the protein pellicle leaves the teeth feeling cleaner for a longer period of time.
The synergy of the Calprox® and Urea Hydrogen Peroxide eliminates germs and freshens breath.

The combination of the Calcium and Phosphates re-mineralizes tooth enamel making this the perfect quick-fix to whiten, clean and protect your teeth in between brushings.

  • 1.Squeeze the tube until a pearl size drop appears on the tip.

  • 2.Apply the drop to your teeth and smooth across with your tongue until completely dissolved.

  • 3.DO NOT rinse.

  • 4.Use after meals and snacks.

Water, Glycerine, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Urea Hydrogen Peroxide, Citric Acid, Calprox®, Triethanol Amine, KOH, Carbopal 934P, Etidronic Acid, Sodium Sacchrinate, Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate, Flavor, Cellulose Gum

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