Celebrity Testimonials
Ali Landry, Former Miss USA

I just recently purchased the toothpaste at a specialty store in Hollywood and I love it. My teeth feel so clean. Love the product!

Brian Boye, Editor Men's Health

Supersmile has won three Men's Health Grooming awards ... the bottom line is, guys like things simple. What's great about Supersmile is that it delivers on both fronts: it's easy to use and it delivers amazing results.

Kristen Bell

My favorite is the single use mouthwash refresher- its so easy to use anywhere- and I keep packets with me on set cause, as an actor, its so important to have fresh breath! Its genius. !

Ivana Trump

I recommend Supersmile to anyone who wants a glamorous smile.

Jerry Vale

Supersmile mouthrinse is the best traveling companion for any performer. It keeps my breath fresh and my teeth white. Try it!

Danny Aiello

I use Supersmile religiously. It's wonderful.

triumph the insult comic dog

All the Supersmile products will whiten your smile - and the mouthwash and tongue cleaner will also get rid of your dog breath. Look, someone had to say it.

Dave Annable

After I used the Supersmile Toothpaste and Accelerator, my mouth feels like it has gone on vacation to Disneyland.

Adam Sandler

Thank you for the teeth products. And just in the nick of time. My teeth were starting to look like cheese doodles.

Sarah Silverman

Holy crap, my teeth are definitely whiter!

Gloria Steinem

I've been using this product ever since Dr. Smigel invented it. Healthy teeth are the most important things. I'm glad that there is a good, healthy, enjoyable product available.