Dental Professional Testimonials

Kenny Levine, DDS

I am a periodontist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have prescribed ultrasonic toothbrushes for my patients ever since they became available. I was recently introduced to the Supersmile Ultrasonic toothbrush.

It has the same sonic technology as the nationally known brand, including the quadrant pacer to guide our plaque removal. The brush head is small, allowing or ease of access throughout the mouth. The bristles are soft and comfortable for use around implants as well as natural teeth. Since the angle of the head is at 45 degrees, plaque removal under the gingiva is easily accomplished via the Bass technique as recommended by the ADA.

We now have two of these brushes in my home. My patients will enjoy the benefits of a superior ultrasonic brush. I am happy to endorse the Supersmile Ultrasonic toothbrush.

Michael Friedman, DDS

It works so well that I even use it in my practice when I clean people's teeth.

Arthur Novick, DDS

People want whiter teeth. Their teeth don't get sensitive with the Supersmile system, and it's not at all abrasive, like some of the other toothpastes are. So, it's kinder to the enamel and the dentin and the gingiva and they don't have any sensitivity. It's a great product.

Doug Lambert, DDS

I'd love to tell you about a patient that came into our practice and we were having trouble removing stains on her teeth. Nothing was working for her. I said, "Why don't we try Supersmile toothpaste? See if that removes those surface stains for her." And I'll be darned. Within three days, she called me on the phone and she said, "Dr. Lambert, I wanna tell you: it's a miracle. All the stains are gone off my teeth." And we had her come back over the office and I was truly amazed as well. It was great.

Elliot Mechanic, DDS

To me, it's the only system that was designed by a dentist thinking about what patients actually want. By having a system, he is giving the patient everything that we know that the patient needs.

Barbara Jurim, DDS

"Most whitening products contain a component called silica, which is much like sand, and the way that they work is that they abrade the tooth, they erode it, they kind of weaken it in removing the stain. The beauty of the Supersmile whitening system is that they have a proprietary ingredient called Calprox, which dissolves the protein pellicle to which stains adhere."

Jeff Morley, DDS
(National Lecturer and Cosmetic Dentist)

My patients love Supersmile. They feel the difference immediately. Supersmile is the best guarantee for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

George Freedman, DDS
Toronto, Canada

Supersmile is the most effective whitening toothpaste that we have in dentistry today.

Ronald Feinman, DDS
(Co-founder, National Smile Council)

I use Supersmile as a maintenance program for all my bleaching patients. Nothing works better to keep their teeth whitest.

Dean Mersky, DDS
Los Angeles, CA

We use Supersmile to finish all dental cleanings and insist our patients use it as maintenance between visits.

David Hall, DDS blog, Iowa

I recommend when you have porcelain veneers using Supersmile as a regular toothpaste once a day anyway. It just helps keep them in top shape and it prolongs your investment. When I did porcelain veneers, I always gave my patients a free tube of Supersmile to get them started because Supersmile was designed for people with porcelain veneers or dental bonding or other cosmetic dental work.

Roger Levin, DDS
(National Author, Consultant and Lecturer)

Supersmile is an outstanding and revolutionary tooth whitener. It removes stains and leaves teeth feeling smoother and cleaner. I drink coffee and I feel more secure that my teeth will remain white.

Michael Alfano, DMD
Dean, New York University College of Dentistry

Dr. Irwin Smigel is the father of aesthetic dentistry, a leader in his profession, a lifelong innovator...

Jeff Golub-Evans, DDS
(Past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

I prescribe Supersmile to all my patients. Their bondings and laminates stay whiter and last longer!

Larry Rosenthal, DDS
(Director of Continuing Education NYU Dental School)

Supersmile is a wonderful toothpaste. My patients love its unique ability to make their teeth feel smoother and shine brighter. My staff and I have chosen supersmile for our own personal use. It’s our favorite toothpaste.