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Nutrition for Dental Health

After a proper home oral care, the next more important aspect of preventative dentistry is your diet. We know that refined sugar causes tooth decay and that sugar (sucrose) helps plaque grow. The obvious way to maintain a good dental diet is to limit its intake. This is difficult, however,...

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How To Choose Your Dentist

The best book in the world on what today's dentistry can do to treat and cure dental disease, prevent it from occurring, and improve appearance is of no use unless you, the reader, form an important relationship of trust and understanding with the dentist who is going to oversee your...

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How To Brush Correctly

Not only does brushing your teeth properly and thoroughly give you a beautiful smile, but it also prevents the worst of oral ailments. By using the right toothbrush and oral care system, anyone can avoid nasty conditions like gingivitis and tooth decay. Even using the wrong toothbrush can cause enamel...

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Dentist Visits

The standard schedule for seeing dentists for check-ups used to be every six (6) months. Today, most dentists believe it should be “as often as necessary.” It’s difficult, certainly, to worry about seeing a dentist when there’s “nothing wrong,” but at the very least, no one can clean their own...

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Aesthetics in Dentistry

Looking good feels great, and it actually makes us healthier. What's the most noticeable attribute of a face? The eyes? They may mirror the soul, but experts have shown that it is the mouth that is the face's most prominent feature. The mouth is the first focus of attention and...

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