Supersmile Zina45™ is the next generation sonic toothbrush specifically designed to deliver the most professional cleaning + polishing experience at home. This brush is based on the same patented technology that Dr. Irwin Smigel, world renowned Father of Aesthetic Dentistry and Supersmile's founder, created. 

Replacement Polishing head:

  • Exclusive to supersmile®, the polishing head delivers a professional polishing at home with every use to bring out your brightest smile.
  • Our soft + flexible polishing rubber cup gives you a professional level shine, safely with no harm to your enamel.


1 replacement polishing head and 6 replacement rubber cups for use with the zina45TM sonic toothbrush by supersmile®.


  • To remove, pull the head straight up. Place new polishing head on top of zina45 sonic brush + press down.
  • To remove and replace rubber cup, simply screw it off/on from polishing head and dispose.
  • While power is off, place a little bit of supersmile® professional whitening toothpaste to rubber cup. Keeping the power off, apply toothpaste over to surface of teeth. Hold handle vertically, polishing head should be straight on facing your teeth.
  • Turn on super shine mode and begin polishing your teeth using small circular motions on each tooth.  Follow the shape of the surface of your tooth.
  • After use, while brush is off, rinse polishing head under warm running water. Stand toothbrush upright for hygienic drying and storage.