The biggest launch of the year is here!



Our new zina water flosser

is a coordless, waterproof, fast-charging, powerful + portable water flosser.

Making excellent oral hygiene much easier!

Nozzle with 360º rotation

5 Flossing modes

  • ultra-clean
  • high
  • medium
  • low
  • stimu-gum™

Fast convenient recharging with USB charging cable

Large water tank

  • easy to clean and refill with 60+ seconds of water capacity
  • *up to 2 minutes capacity on lowest mode

Get ready to rock your smile

healthy gums + healthy teeth!

Supercharge your oral care routine

In addition to water add a capful of supersmile whitening pre-rinse in the water tank

• Initialize the whitening process

• Promote healthier gums and help prevent gingivitis

• Freshen breath and help prevent bad breath