Freshen your breath and protect your mouth from the negative effects of extended but necessary mask wearing. This starter bundle gives you everything you need to keep your mouth fresh and healthy until mask wearing is a thing of the past.

 Pre-rinse is the antidote to sanitize your mouth before putting on your mask.  Keep your breath fresh for hours and kill harmful bacteria that mask wearing is keeping your mouth. (5.0 oz)

Whitening gum with xylitol uniquely freshens the breath, hydrates the mouth to prevent bacteria from accumulating and whitens teeth at once. (12 Pieces)

Whitening Floss is more necessary than ever to remove germs and bacteria that are hiding between teeth and below the gum line. (Mini Size)

Tongue cleaner the most effective breath freshener.  Physically remove food particles and germs that stick to the tongue that cause 86% of odor making bacteria from forming. (1 Piece)

Exfoliating lip treatment revives lips that are dried out from constant mask wearing. Hydrate, soothe and smooth lip surface. (Mini Size)