Try Me Out Gift Sets
Try Me Out Gift Sets print clutch powdered mouth rinse whitening pre-rinse Whitening toothpaste, whitening accelerator Quikee activator rods  shade guide

The supersmile® Try Me Out gift set is filled with all that you need to get the perfect healthy white smile in one shot.  This smart trial set comes in a printed keepsake toiletry pouch with zip. You'll have everything to achieve and instantly white healthy smile from the first use!  This awesome gift set comes with full-size bonus Quikee and whitening pre-rinse to keep that healthy smile through the holidays!

Professional Activating Rods - for safe and effective teeth whitening, activator rods enhance whitening allowing you to target problem areas and hard to reach spaces between teeth | .28 ml 

Powdered Mouthrinse - simply add water into the packet to get a bubbly mouth rinse that will freshen breath and whiten | 1.7g

New Generation Crystal Toothbrush - the 45 degree angled bristles reach  between teeth and the gum line for healthier teeth and gums 

Quikee with Calprox - whitens teeth, freshens breath, fast-acting polish, no-brush, no-rinse | .17 oz 

Mini-professional Whitening System - the dual action of the whitening toothpaste with proprietary Calprox® and whitening accelerator provides clinically proven safe teeth whitening while promoting overall oral health | 34 g (x2) 

Whitening pre-rinse Whitens, freshens breath and prepares teeth for even more whitening while brushing | 5 oz

Shade guide - track your whiter brighter smile.  Find the current color of your teeth before brushing with supersmile® and see how many shades whiter your teeth after the first use.

Print clutch - allows you to store and take the supersmile® whitening system with you where ever you go in this sturdy carrier.