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Studies of Supersmile Teeth Whitening Products

Detailed Test Results

Abrasivity Testing of Test Dentifrice Compared with Standard Dentifrices Using Manual and Powered Toothbrushes (Westwood Research Laboratory, Inc.)


To evaluate the abrasivity of the test dentifrice when used with standard manual and powered toothbrushes; to compare the abrasivity of the test dentifrice to that of other brands.


All of the results with dentin are well below the ADA permissible limit of 250, and are in the middle to lower range of abrasivity of those on the U.S. and world markets. Using the average for all brushes, the abrasivity score of Supersmile was lower than that for Crest or Colgate Regular.

Method for Determining the Protein Pellicle Removal Potential of Dentifrice Products

(Missouri Analytical Laboratories, Inc.)



To determine the protein pellicle removal potential of dentifrice products.


Each test solution showed a reduction of remaining protein compared to the positive control. Supersmile removed more protein than the other test products.

Supersmile Toothpaste is most effective at removing the protein pellicle to which stains adhere on the teeth, cleaning your teeth and leaving you with a whiter smile.


Supersmile tooth whitening toothpaste demonstrates a superior whitening effect over Crest!


Whitening of Natural Dentition Using Commercially Available Dentifrices (New York University College of Dentistry, David B. Kriser Dental Center)


To demonstrate the whitening effect of a toothpaste on natural dentition.


47 patients with natural teeth brushed their teeth first with a dry brush and then twice with a test dentifrice. The products tested were Topol (15 patients), Crest (16 patients), and Supersmile (16 patients).

Patients were evaluated independently by three dentists to determine the changes that resulted from three brushings with the following grading scale:

0 - no discernible change
1 - slight change
2 - moderate change
3 - drastic change

The score for each patient was the sum of the grades given by three evaluators.


Supersmile demonstrated a superior whitening or brightening effect on the sample population.

A one-way analysis of variance indicated a statistical difference between the groups at the.01 level.

Duncan, Scheffe, and LSD tests all indicated that Supersmile was different from the other dentifrices at the .01 level.

Supersmile inhibits plaque 10 times better than the leading plaque-removing toothpaste.

Supersmile Brightens Teeth Over 250% MORE EFFECTIVELY Than The Leading Smoker's Toothpaste.

Supersmile is 75% less abrasive than the limit set by the American Dental Association.

Supersmile Whitening Gum


To Investigate the Stain Removal Efficacy of Supersmile Whitening Gum


The demonstrate the removal of food-induced dental stains.
50 patients consumed a chromogenic "meal" consisting of:
4 ounces of red grape juice (simulating red wine)
3 ounces of blueberry pie
4-6 ounces of coffee or tea
Patients then chewed 2 pieces of Supersmile Gum for 10 minutes.


After the use of Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum, the mean shade of the anterior teeth was calculated to be almost 3 Vita tabs whiter than the coloration immediately after eating. This level of de-staining, representing a major de-coloration of tooth shade, is statistically significant (blue shading). It is also readily evident to the casual observer.


From this study, it can be concluded that Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum removes food induced stains from dental surfaces. Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum's very convenient application modality, its rapid de-coloration activity, and its significant results in dental destaining make it a very practical and portable tool for oral hygiene and aesthetic maintenance.



To Investigate the Stain Removal Efficacy of Supersmile QuikeeTM


The purpose of this of this study was to examine if the Supersmile Quikee will remove food-induced dental stains and whiten teeth.


A total of 40 patients recorded their tooth shade and then ate chromogenic foods consisting of coffee, chocolate, and black berry pie. Thirty minutes after eating, tooth color was measured using the same investigators. The patients then cleaned their teeth under supervision using the Quikee.


This study concludes that an improvement of approximately 0.65 tabs over the baseline and approximately 2.83 tabs after eating the chromogenic diet was recorded. The significant improvement demonstrates that Supersmile Quikee will remove food-induced stains and improve teeth whiteness. From this study it can be concluded that
Supersmile Quikee will remove food-induced stains and will have a whitening effect upon the teeth.