Supersmile was created by Dr. Irwin Smigel, the world renowned “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry.” His visionary innovations are used by dentists globally. 40 years on, Supersmile is trusted for safely and effectively whitening teeth, improving oral care and promoting overall health.

“I created Supersmile because I wanted everyone to have a beautiful, healthy smile.”

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Plaque Control: A Home Care Program

Everyone's feelings about their teeth are different; some people are better able or willing to follow a home care program than others. What we hope to do is give you a general description of how to remove plaque from your teeth at home. Without a doubt, the most effective way...

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Preventive Dentistry

There is no dentistry as good as no dentistry. The real aim of good dentistry (and all good medicine) is to eliminate the need for its existence. While we have many techniques and tools at our disposal to bring teeth back to health and proper function, the thrust of the...

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Prevention Works

Prevention seems almost too simple to work, but it does. Perhaps it is more convincing if we look again at what is involved when home dental care is neglected-the kinds of problems that keep your dentist and the specialists we've discussed busy. Restorations. The simplest filling is generally the result...

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