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If there’s one thing we know, it’s white, healthy smiles. We’ve been featured on TV, in magazines, and have been celebrated by celebs for decades. Our founder, Dr. Smigel is even featured in the Smithsonian Museum (yeah, we’re kind of a big deal).

Where are my fancy flavor-loving brushers at? On top of rosewater mint, Supersmile also has several other enticing options, including cinnamon, jasmine green tea mint, and vanilla mint. Beyond flavors, Supersmile is non-abrasive and utilizes Calprox, their proprietary form of Calcium Peroxide that’s a whitening alternative to abrasive agents.

My favorite is the single use mouthwash refresher – it's so easy to use anywhere – and I keep packets with me on set because, as an actor, it's so important to have fresh breath! It's genius.


If you've had professional teeth whitening and want to maintain your teeth shade, this toothpaste is perfect. If you haven't had any whitening dental work, this toothpaste will still work to dissolve yellow-causing bacteria.

I use Supersmile all the time – my parents are so proud of me. I’ve been using it for years now; it gets the job done. Dr. Smigel is like this genius of dentists. He’s the best! The toothpaste really works.


Supersmile has won three Men’s Health Grooming awards… the bottom line is, guys like things simple. What’s great about Supersmile is that it delivers on both fronts: it’s easy to use and it delivers amazing results.

Supersmile is the most convenient – and the best – system ever. I don’t praise every product I use, but Dr. Smigel has really given me a whitening system I can use because I can’t use trays. Its great to have a toothpaste that whitens your teeth. I love the little packets of mouthwash; I just slip them in my purse and use them whenever. I really believe in this system. It is so good.


Unlike most mouthwashes, which are typically used after you brush your teeth, this Supersmile option should be used beforehand. The pre-rinse is formulated to cleanse, whiten, and prep your teeth before you use your whitening toothpaste in order to achieve maximum results. Along with boasting antibacterial benefits, the beloved product also freshens breath. “Mild and refreshing. So far one of my favorites,” wrote one shopper. “I use this about twice a day and love the effect I get from it. I have been using this mouthwash for about six months and have noticed my teeth are brighter."

Thank you for the teeth products. And just in the nick of time. My teeth were starting to look like cheese doodles.


This award-winning whitening technology is coming back to claim its top tier title for the second year. Complete with a toothpaste and accelerator formula, this dual system will leave your teeth feeling fresh, healthy, and pearly white!

Holy crap, my teeth are definitely whiter!


This whitening toothpaste has natural sleep aids like hempseed oil, valerian, chamomile and melatonin to soothe the senses.

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