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Collection: Sets + Systems

6 Minutes to a Whiter Smile


Need a whiter smile, like, yesterday? Reach for this lil’ baby which is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 6 shades in just 30 days.

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Awake, Relax + Accelerator Set


White, healthy smiles and fresh breath — from AM to PM! Wake up your smile with a boost of caffeine in the morning and a touch of hemp at night to help soothe and calm your senses. This bundle has been clinically proven to whiten an average of 6 shades in just 5 days!

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Professional Whitening System


Professional, long-lasting results, without leaving home! It’s the easiest way to get that “just left the dentist” look and feeling every time you brush. This bundle has been clinically proven to whiten an average of 6 shades in just 5 days!

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Extra White Premium Set


Blinded by the white! For a seriously white smile (and a seriously healthy mouth) the Extra White Bundle has your back (and front) teeth. This bundle has been clinically proven to whiten an average of 9 shades in 30 days.

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It’s Amazing! I have been using this product for quite some time and it keeps my teeth clean and white not to mention it keeps your breath fresh. Never a dull moment with this product!

ROBERT Whitening Pre-Rinse
Highly Recommend. This stuff just gets me -- I hate the overly strong rinses and harsh taste of the other brands. This pre-rinse is clean, satisfying, tastes fantastic, and really works at breaking up debris from between my teeth before i brush -- thanks! I will use this for life. SARA Whitening Pre-Rinse
It Truly Works!! I purchased the professional whitening system and I couldn't be happier with the products. Unlike other whitening toothpastes and products on the market Supersmile really does work. I have used it for a week and a half and my teeth are already noticeably whiter. I have went back on to the site and purchased more products now that I have seen how well they work. I would also add that the whitening products do not cause that awful sensitivity to my teeth and gums. A great product all around. I would highly recommend it! DEBBIE Professional Whitening System

Wow! What a difference! I've only been using these products for a week and the difference is astonishing already. I can't wait to see how white my teeth will get with more use.

PATSY Professional Whitening System

Great toothbrush packed with features! First off the looks of the toothbrush are top notch. The first thing I noticed was the way the toothbrush charges. This is great - it uses a magnet. this is the first step in using this product is to charge it. It charges easily and quickly. There are four different cleaning options. I chose the first one Ultra clean on my first try at brushing my teeth. One of the cool features of this toothbrush is that it has a polishing mode and comes with the head to polish your teeth. That made my teeth feel extra clean. One thing I will note is that using this instead of my manual toothbrush did take a bit of getting used too. The toothbrush did tickle my teeth at first - I was caught giggling in the bathroom! Once I got used to it I found that the clean I got from this is way better than that of my manual toothbrush. The other thing I loved about it is that it has a two minute timer which actually goes off every thirty seconds to let you know when to move to a different range of teeth. Overall I found this brush to be a very good toothbrush. I've looked into replacement heads and they are reasonably priced so I'm all set for using this brush for a long time. I would definitely recommend this brush if you are looking for a clean just like what you get at the dentists office!

DAVE Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush

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