What is Safe Teeth Whitening

Any whitening that does not erode, scratch or weaken the enamel, or burn or damage the gums, is considered safe.

Supersmile is the only whitening oral care line with Calprox®.

Calprox® gently whitens teeth by dissolving the protein pellicle - the sticky film on teeth to which stains and plaque adhere. By dissolving the pellicle, rather than scratching away at enamel, Supersmile is the safest way to lift stains and clean teeth.

Not only does it safely whiten, but it also works to re-mineralize tooth enamel with the use of Phosphates, Magnesium and Calcium. Certain ingredients employed by other whiteners, such as silica, are known culprits for eroding enamel.

Check the ingredient lists on any whitening products to ensure they are whitening safely and cleaning thoroughly.

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