How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Ali Fadakar -

Everyone wants teeth that are white and shiny, but are you willing to put in the work? 

If you want to make your smile more beautiful, but you aren’t looking to have your teeth capped and replaced, you may want to opt for cosmetic dental bleaching. Teeth bleaching or whitening is a somewhat affordable procedure that can remove years of stains and brighten your smile almost instantly. It is a quick, mostly painless procedure that can really change your smile and boost your self-esteem.

However, teeth whitening isn’t a cheap endeavor, so before investing in your smile, many people want to know how long it lasts. Obviously, that sparkly white shine can’t last forever because we all eat and drink things that will add stains back to our teeth over time. 

Whitening your teeth is kind of like coloring your hair -- it will stick around for a while, but eventually it will fade, and you may need a touch-up. Thankfully, teeth whitening tends to last longer than most dye jobs do.

You should keep in mind that teeth whitening will depend on the type of bleaching agent that your dentist uses.

While almost all bleaches work really well, it depends on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, as well as the methods used for whitening. 

In general, the average teeth whitening results will last anywhere from six months to four years. Of course, it also depends on how well you take care of your teeth.

Your lifestyle will also have a huge impact on how long your teeth whitening results will last. What you eat, drink, and how you take care of your teeth will really matter if you want to have long lasting results. 

So, let’s explore how you can whiten those pearls, and keep them looking bright and shiny for as long as possible!

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Last? 

As mentioned, how long tooth whitening lasts really depends on a lot of varying factors, which is frustrating -- we know. 

The effects can last as little as six months or as long as four years. It really just depends on the person, the method, and their lifestyle.

If you want your teeth whitening to really last, you should avoid smoking, frequently drinking staining liquids like wine or tea, and frequently eating staining foods like berries. We know that may be difficult, but we’re just shooting it to you straight.

Brushing your teeth regularly and avoiding those staining foods as much as possible can keep staining at a minimum. 

However, life is life, and you have to live it! At Supersmile, we understand everything cannot be completely avoided, which is why we use science-backed ingredients to help you enjoy life with the glowing smile you deserve -- late night wine, morning espresso, and blueberry muffins included. 

How Can I Make My Results Last Longer? 

Ready for the good news? We have some additional tips and tricks to make your teeth whitening last longer. 

Most dentists will ensure that your teeth are completely clean before a whitening appointment, but you want to spend the few weeks before the procedure taking care of your teeth as well. You want to get your teeth as far as you can on your own so that your dentist can get the best possible clean. 

After the appointment, you also want to keep up your good dental hygiene practices. These good habits include brushing your teeth twice a day with a good whitening toothpaste, flossing your teeth every day with a whitening floss, and using mouthwash.

If you have habits like chewing tobacco or smoking, you want to quit those too, if you can. Your whole body will thank you!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Before thinking about how long teeth whitening keeps, you need to understand how it is done, as there are some important steps that you need to take. 

When your teeth are whitened, the whitening agent is applied to the surface of your teeth, and then it is left to sit for a specified period of time.

The enamel and dentin layers of your teeth absorb the whitener. Once it gets inside these two layers, the whitener then starts a chemical reaction that dissolves all the stains.

It is important to note that even after the agent has been rinsed from your teeth, it is still working deep within the layers. This will go on for about 24 hours after your procedure, so be sure to follow all of the rules and best practices during this time for the best results.

What Should I Eat After Whitening? 

The first day or so after your whitening appointment is when you need to worry about what you eat the most. 

If you regularly eat foods like beets, tomato sauces, berries, or even chocolates, try to limit them as much as possible. You also want to limit red wine, coffee, tea, and other drinks that might stain your teeth. This includes artificial coloring in your foods and anything that has too much sugar.

A good way to think of it is to imagine if you were to get a certain food on your shirt, would you surely be able to get the stain out? If not, then you want to avoid it for at least the first few days after your procedure.

Another thing to note is that you may have some discomfort after your teeth whitening treatment. You may need to be careful about extreme heat and cold. Over time, this sensitivity will fade, but in the beginning, you want to protect those newly whitened precious pearls.

Can I Use Whitening Products To Make It Last Longer? 

Yes! Whitening products are absolutely going to help keep your teeth whiter for longer. 

As many whitening products as you can use will help to keep your investment strong. 

There are plenty of options available, and you don’t have to click far to get them (clean, science-backed whitening is the Supersmile specialty if you didn’t know!).

You can use a pre-rinse that will help to prep your mouth for cleaning. Then, use a good whitening toothpaste to do most of the work for you. Many people will use a whitening floss to get in the cracks and around the top of the teeth -- which is where your whitening will first start to fade. Then, you can use a mouthwash with whitening properties to really seal everything in and keep your sparkly white smile as beautiful as ever!

There are other products you can use as well. You can chew whitening gum or use whitening trays or gels to help you keep everything beautiful. For those occasional days or nights when you do want to eat or drink those things that stain your teeth, you can use a spot-treatment that will help to target any staining that you see.

You didn’t think the OGs of teeth whitening wouldn’t have all our bases covered, did you?

Things To Remember About Teeth Whitening 

Of course, there are some risks associated with whitening your teeth. 

You don’t want to overdo it and get these kinds of procedures too often, or you could make your teeth far too sensitive and actually weaken them. You also can’t use whitening as a replacement for regular dental care.

It’s also important to be careful when using trendy Instagram-promo home kits. There are many people who have used these kits and ended up with burns on their lips, skin burns, contact dermatitis, and even gums that have been permanently bleached.

Another thing to remember is that sometimes teeth are too far gone to be whitened fully. It works best on teeth that are yellow or lightly stained, rather than teeth that are brown, black, gray, or purple. The darker your teeth are and the longer they have been stained, the harder they will be to whiten. It is possible to do so, especially if you are willing to undergo multiple treatments, but it’s best to work with a professional to get optimal results.

Before using an over-the-counter whitening kit, talk to your dentist, especially if you typically have tooth pain or problem areas in your mouth.

In Conclusion 

In the end, how long your teeth whitening lasts is truly up to you. It does come down to a little bit of luck, of course, because you can do everything correctly, and your genes may simply dictate that your teeth just aren’t naturally pearly white.

It’s important to give your teeth the daily dose of TLC they need with brushing, flossing, and gargling to keep them as clean and healthy as possible. This will give you a good base for whitening, and the amount of care you apply in your daily oral hygiene regimen will significantly impact just how long your whitening results will last.

Keep your oral wellness simple. Work with your dentist, brush your teeth with a good whitening toothpaste, try to use a straw when you drink that iced caramel latte, and always floss. It’s not rocket science, but if you keep your pearls in tip top shape on a daily basis, your whitening results will definitely be something to last for years to come!