Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth: How To Choose the Best Brand

Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth: How To Choose the Best Brand

Ali Fadakar -

It strikes when you don’t even realize it -- you’re eating your favorite ice cream cone, biting into a sugary sweet cookie, or even drinking your morning coffee, and suddenly, it feels like someone has stuck a cattle prod into your tooth. 

At Supersmile, we understand that when you have sensitive teeth, the things that used to make you happy and provide you with joy are suddenly the things you fear most.

Instead of switching over to exclusively eating lukewarm, mushy oatmeal or avoiding the foods that make your teeth tingle, there is a better solution: using a sensitive tooth toothpaste that’s sure to make you smile again.

Find A Toothpaste That Fits Your Needs 

You don’t want to (and shouldn’t) overbrush your teeth to try and get everything that you want out of a toothpaste. That’s a waste of time and can actually be counterproductive. 

Try to find everything that you want in your toothpaste in one tube.

For example, if you are a wine and coffee fan and worry about tooth staining, you may want to use a whitening toothpaste. If you want something that is anti-cavity, you may want to look for one that fits that bill with fluoride and other mouth-happy ingredients.

You don’t want to have to do too much to your teeth, and you probably don’t have the time to do it either, so look for a toothpaste that will cover it all. Finding this toothpaste can be a bit like finding a boyfriend or girlfriend -- you may have to try a few before you find the right one!

Choose A Toothpaste You Want to Use 

This may seem simple, but it is a huge thing for some people. Often, sensitivity toothpastes don’t have a great taste, or they don’t feel great in the mouth,and so people really don’t want to use them at all. 

A toothpaste is only as effective if you use it on a regular basis.

Very few people look forward to this part of their routine (other than when you have that feeling like you have little sweaters on your teeth), but you shouldn’t dread it either. You’ve got to love the paste you’re with, and that means delicious flavors and effective ingredients.

Check for the Ingredients That Do You Want 

So, where do you begin? The first thing you should do when on the lookout for the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth is narrow down the list of ingredients that you know you want in your toothpaste. With so many different brands on the market today, there are a plethora of ingredients out there, some good and some not-so good.

For a sensitivity toothpaste, look for less-harsh ingredients like potassium nitrate and strontium chloride to help give your teeth some gusto back, paired with clean remineralizers like calcium, magnesium, phosphates, and of course, fluoride. 

Your polished pearls deserve the best! So, on top of being a good toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you want to ensure that your toothpaste is just a good toothpaste overall. According to the Cleveland Clinic, your toothpaste should have at least 1,000 parts per million fluoride. The rest of it is kind of up to you in terms of toothpaste effectiveness and quality.

Check for the Ingredients That You Don’t Want 

Of course, there are also some ingredients that you definitely don’t want to see mixed in your sensitive toothpaste. 

Like what, you ask? For starters, you don’t want anything that is going to break down your enamel anymore, so you should probably steer clear of charcoal kinds of toothpaste or anything that is too abrasive.

If you have any allergies or sensitivities, be sure to read the box and look for those ingredients as well. Any swelling or inflammation in your mouth can actually make matters worse and cause your teeth even more discomfort (no thank you!).

Read Online Reviews 

Let’s be straight, people love to be brutally honest on reviews, so be sure you look them over. You will quickly be able to sense a trend and see whether the toothpaste has actually worked for people or whether it caused more issues (or did nothing at all).

While every product is going to have some negative reviews, you will probably be able to see what people really think if you sift through even just a few. 

Don’t just rely on product websites either -- go to their retailers, check their social media, and do some perusing there. 

Being patient and thorough is sure to pay off here!

Think About How You Eat

Did you know how you eat really impacts how sensitive your teeth may be? Even though what you put into your mouth isn’t the only cause of sensitivity, it is a huge factor for some people. The foods that we eat can breakdown our enamel, which acts as a defense system for the hypersensitive nerves in our mouths.

When you drink fizzy drinks, eat acidic foods, or eat citrus, you are wearing down that precious enamel that your teeth need so much.

If you can narrow down what is causing your pain, then you may be able to find a toothpaste that focuses on that. And the good news is that with a solid sensitivity toothpaste, you won’t have to worry as much about what you eat.

Look for A Tried & True Brand 

We’ll be honest, there are many brands that are jumping onto the sensitivity bandwagon as it becomes a more prevalent problem, and not all brands are giving you their best. 

You want to find a toothpaste that has been around for a while and has been proven effective, not one that is just trying to get some quick sales or chase trends. 

After all, you only have one beautiful smile, so you have to protect it.

Make Sure You Can Actually Get the Toothpaste

Availability matters. Sometimes, sensitivity toothpastes are hard to get! It’s a weird phenomenon, but many toothpastes are out of stock online regularly, and sometimes, they can be hard to find at your local pharmacy. 

You want to ensure that you can get your chosen toothpaste when you want it, so you never have to pull out that backup regular toothpaste that will live in the back of your bathroom drawer.

Be Sure To Read the Instructions 

Even the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth won’t work properly unless you follow the instructions. You may think that you know how to brush your teeth, but you may be mistaken. Sometimes, you will have to use a wet toothbrush or a dry toothbrush for the best results. Other times, you may only need to use the toothpaste once a day. Some will have rules about what mouthwash you can and cannot use.

It only takes a few seconds to read those directions, and it may take you a few days to form a new habit if it differs from what you usually do. Even so, keep it up to see the best results.

Use Best Practices When Brushing 

Another way to get the most photo-worthy results is to use best practices when you are brushing your teeth. 

By using a good sensitivity toothpaste, brushing twice a day, and maintaining a mouth-happy care routine, you are well on your way.

You may also want to ensure that you are brushing properly: get along the gum line using smaller, circular movements. Wait for at least an hour after you eat before you brush. It may even benefit you to get a sonic toothbrush

No matter what, get something that has soft bristles, as that helps to keep your enamel intact. Of course, you also want to remember to change your toothbrush (or head) every three to four months.

If you notice that you have pain, be sure to go to the dentist to have it checked. While it could be sensitivity, it could also be a sign that something else is going on and you need dental care to prevent it from getting any worse.

In Conclusion 

At Supersmile, we’re happy to share that if you have sensitive teeth, you are far from alone. In fact, nearly a quarter of all Americans have sensitive teeth that respond to either hot or cold or both. If you have sensitive teeth, you are a great candidate for a sensitivity toothpaste.

You may also want to consider getting routine dental checkups, brushing your teeth correctly, and thinking about what else goes into your mouth. Because in the end, you want to keep those pearly whites happy, healthy, and pain-free!